My height is not increasing, I am aged 17, will I grow taller?


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Boys generally stop growing at around 19 years old, so you're still young and your body hasn't stopped growing yet, so please do not worry.

With girls it varies as they generally continue to grow 2 - 3 inches after their periods begin, so really it depends on how old you are when puberty starts.

Height is also genetic, so if both parents are on the short side there is a good chance you too will be shorter in height;

Tips on what to eat to grow taller

There are certain food groups that are particularly good for growth, healthy bones and muscles so why not introduce more of the following into your daily diet;

• Calcium is great for building strong bones and teeth. You will find a good source of calcium in milk, cheese, yogurt, spinach and other leafy green vegetables such as broccoli. If you don't like these foods you can also take a daily calcium supplement which can be purchased from a health food store or a supermarket - make sure you always read the packet or ask your doctor or health professional before you take them.

• Protein is great for healthy skin, strong muscles and general growth. Chicken, fish, dairy products, meat and beans are good sources of protein.

Other tips to grow taller

Also make sure that you have a good 8 hours sleep every night and do some sort of exercise each day. There are lots of ways to fit in a bit of extra exercise during your day just by walking instead of using transport or taking the stairs instead of the elevator - even a little bit helps.

You can also try some stretching and strengthening exercises such as yoga or pilates. Being aware of your posture - how you stand and walk - can also help. Just standing up straight, correcting any slouch you may have, is always a good tip. There is a system of wellbeing known as the Alexander Technique that advocates imagining a string coming out of the top of your head - literally pulling you up. This visual can have a powerful effect.

Smoking is also said to stunt your growth, so if you do smoke I would suggest you stop.

If you give your body all the right foods and vitamins it needs to grow strong and healthy then at least you are giving your body the best chance it has. The rest is left to Mother Nature.

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Just eat well and get all the proteins that you can, and be active! Make sure you get atleast 8-10 hours of sleep. I go to sleep at 10 and wakeup around 9. Try not to have to much caffein in your eating/drinking habits. Eliminate any stress in your lifestyle that may cause problems to your growth. You can also observe each of your parents height and average yours. If they are both short it is likely you may be
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You are so young that you will grow. What needs to be paid attention to is nutrition and normal lifestyle as well as exercises. Good luck to you!!!
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It really depends on your genetics. Are your parents tall? If so, you may have a few more inches but if they're not, you could very well be done.
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Your growth spurt is defined as being the increase in the rate of growth. Typically it is two to four times the rate of your childhood growth. You have been growing about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) each year. Your current growth rate is about the same, so you have not entered a growth spurt yet.

All the secondary characteristics you describe are of someone one the verge of entering his growth spurt. You are a late bloomer since an average girl hits his growth spurt around the age of 13, but you are not out of the normal range for human growth. That you still have some of your baby teeth also indicates that your body just develops slower than many people.

Keep measuring yourself once a month. Sometime soon you will see that your growth will be over 0.5 cm in one month and then you will know that your growth spurt has started.

You haven't come close to ending your growth yet. Growth isn't controlled by age.

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