Could I be pregnant or just having a fat belly or check another pregnancy test? Many times sex in 1 month, negative pregnancy test, I am skinny, never had a belly, I am in my 20s and suddenly I have a belly, I threw up one day. I have never had a fat belly in my life!?


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Danae Hitch answered

Except for the "fat belly" and the throwing up one time, what are you other symptoms?

Have you had unprotected sex? When did you have your last period? Are you on birth control? Some oral contraceptives can make you gain weight. What are your eating habits like? You could just be bloated, depending on your diet and exercise, or lack thereof. Hard to know with so little details provided.

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Cookie Roma answered

Congratulations.!!!!  Actually I have no idea if you are pregnant but if you keep this up I'm sure you will be in no time!!!?

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So . . . Doctor's Visit. Explain EVERYTHING so they are able to get a good idea on how to help you.

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