I Am 5ft9 What Should My Weight Be?


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Katie Harry answered
That would actually depend on your frame and your gender. People with smaller frames need to weigh lower than people with broad or large frames. Also, if a man and a woman are the same height, the woman should ideally weigh less than the man.
For men, at 5'9'' the ideal weight would be around 160 pounds. For women of the same height, the ideal weight should be around 145 pounds.
It is better to calculate your Body Mass Index, BMI [(weight in pounds/square of height in inches)x703]. Your BMI should be between 19 and 24.9. If you have a small frame, aim for the lower part of this range. If you have a large frame, you may be at the higher end of the range. This would help you in determining your own ideal weight.
Another factor when determining your ideal weight is how comfortable you are with that weight. If you lose a certain number of pounds but you cannot keep them off, then aim for a realistic weight which you can maintain and achieving it would not deprive your body of essential nutrients and energy.

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