I Am 14 Years Old, 114.4lbs [52kgs] And 5'3 Foot [163cm], Am I Healthy, Underweight Or Average? Be Honest.


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Hey there.
You are absolutely fine! Your BMI (or Body Mass Index) is a healthy 20.3. The BMI takes your weight and height and calculates your body fat. A 20.3 reading is perfect. A normal weight reading is between 18.5 and 24.9 so you have nothing to worry about! And remember muscles weighs more than fat!

You really shouldn't have to be worrying about your weight too much. If you eat healthy and exercise regularly then you will never have anything to worry about. At your age you are still growing and changing and it will take some years for your body to settle down.

If you are happy with the way you look and feel about yourself then you shouldn't pay attention to what anyone else says to you. I really don't think you should be obsessing about your weight. If you are worried about your health then speak to your mum or your doctor in private.

Don't worry. You are healthy and slim.

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