What Hurts More? An Abscessed Tooth Or Dry Socket?


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I have had both now and I would have to say that an abscessed tooth hurts worse for the simple fact that with a dry socket all you need to do is go back to the dentist and have it packed but an abscessed tooth takes time to make it stop hurting  antibiotics and pain meds is what you get and for about four days the only relief you get is when the pain med first starts working and only lasts a couple hours and then it starts hurtin all over agian and does untill you get it fixed or pulled or at least mine did
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I don't mean to scare you but Dry Socket is very painful! The best way to avoid and prevent it is to listen to what the instructions are after you get your tooth extracted. If you are a smoker, DO NOT SMOKE for at least 48 hours. No drinking through a straw, no gargling at all, no drinking alcohol for 48 hours, and avoid eating on that side for at least a few days. Most think that drinking out of a straw helps because it avoids that side of the mouth, but the truth is if there is any suction, it pops the blood-clot out of the opening that suppose to help the healing process properly. Take Ibuprofen before your appt., that helps a lot, unless you're allergic. But I hope this helped out! Here are Severe Toothache Remedy where you can got plenty of home remedies to get rid of toothache.

Good Luck!

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