What Happens If You Take A Painkiller While Pregnant?


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Well I am three months pregnant and have been taking 80mg oxycotin
three times daily every week. I did not know I was pregnant at all until
I wa two months late for my menstral period. This will be my first child
and the Obstetrician told me in our first meeting that in your baby is most
vulnerable in the first trimester because that is when it is doing the most
important part of it's development, for the brain, nervous system, ect.
I seem to be extremely nervous for and about the babys welfare, but at the
same time I can't seem to stop taking the 80mg oxycotin three times a day.
I just don't know what to do, I don't want to harm my baby but at the same time there
is nothing out there to help you come off of these types of drugs while your pregnant,
so what am I supposed to do I am already having morning sickness I just can't imagine
how much worse I'am  going to feel when I stop taking my medicine.
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It depends on what pain killer you take.  Most pain killers are class C which means they don't have proof that they are dangerous during pregnancy but they don't know that they are safe either.  If you go to Safe you can do a search for the medication and see what class it is and what the dangers are.

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