Anyone try the wheat free diet?


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I have eliminated wheat from my diet about 6 months ago and I have never felt better and looked better. Once you do it you'll see what I mean. I will never eat it again - not true... I did have a slice of pizza last week but felt fine after.
Also, it takes about a week or two for your body to get used to it. Do not replace your lack of wheat with another carb like corn or rice. Those are the next things to eliminate, then seed oils and sugar and all processed foods.
Here's a fantastic blog called Wheat Belly that will explain some things you will want to know that will help you realize you are on the right track.
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Your are, coincidentally, in almost exactly the same boat as parents on a paleo diet who want to raise their kids eating paleo -- they'd avoid those same foods (except for pepper, mustard, and lobster).
The good news is there are plenty of parents raising extra-healthy kids on food that conform to your needs.
I suggest you spend some time studying the "Growing up Paleo" blog I link to below. Also do some googling on paleo diet for kids. I suggest you The paleo diet through this you get more results about What is paleo diet .

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