Can A Person Be Pregnant With No Symptoms?


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There could be 100 possible reasons. And there usually are no symptoms in the beginning. You need to take the test to make sure that you are pregnant or not. Do not rely on your assumptions and tensions.
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But that's just it. I don't want to take a test because if i am. There is no way god could fix it for me. And when it says "i have missed" it's supposed to be HAVEN'T and on have gained weight its also supposed to be HAVEN'T.
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Michelle (Elle is my nickname)
If you don't take the test, you could drive yourself crazy with not knowing. If you take the test and it turns out to be positive, you have a wide variety of choices to make(I would hope your parents are involved). I knew a 16 year old who hid her pregnancy by wearing a big jacket to school every day and she gave her baby up for one even knew she was pregnant (except her parents, of course). If the test is negative, you can breathe a sigh of relief, and take a trip to the doctor to find out what's going on...
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Yes, you can be pregnant without any symptoms.
My first pregnancy was discovered when I was 5 months along.
My cycle had never been regular there fore it was not unusual for me to skip a month or just barely spot the next. How I found out was , I felt the baby move when I was lying down on my back.
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Feeling fuller/heavier and your breast enlarging are symptoms of something. They could be signs of pregnancy or they could mean that your period is coming. It is not unusual for teenagers to have irregular periods but if I were you I would take a pregnancy test. You could buy a cheap one they all work or go to a plan parenthood around your area. I would buy 2 because if you are you will want to repeat it. If you go to your clinic they are required to keep it confidential but I would check out your insurance to see if your parents would get a bill. One way or another you need to find out if you are positive so you can start making decisions or just stop worrying.

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