When Weight Training, Should One Go For Maximum Repetitions, Or Maximum Weight?


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Keith Old answered
G'day Demosthene,

Thank you for your question.

It depends on what you are after. If you are interested in fitness, probably repetitions. If you are interested in competitive weightlifting, maximum weight would be more of a consideration.

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Depends why you're doing it. For cardiovascular fitness, go for light weights and maximum reps, for body-building go for maximum weight.
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To be more specific.. Lol as far as i know.. If you wanna lose weight and get firm you need to go increase repetition with lighter weights.. But if you want to have bigger and more develop muscles.. You need to increase weights..  Thats why i avoid lifting heavy weights.. It can make my fats go muscles.. Lol i would look more terrible considering how short i am.. LOL

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