How old were you when you got your period? I was 8.


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Wow.  I was 15.

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I started at the age of 13.

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I am 12 and I started three days ago, but my little sister started a month ago and she's 7. She came out of the bathroom screaming and crying because she was soooo freaked out. I had to explain puberty to her. I felt bad for her and I'm glad I started older! My friend Kendra is 16 and just started as well so there are a lot of ages.
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That is very young.  I was 11 . 
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Crystal Smith
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I know. It really sucked though. I had no idea what the hell was going on until my mother explained it! Haha
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I was 16 my sister was 12 everyone is different.
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My step sister started at 8, my niece started at 9, and her friend started at 7
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8....11...  are you kidding!!!
I am 12 and I still have not had my piriod yet!!!!
How old is the normal age???
BTW I am very flat chested
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Crystal Smith
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Oh don't worry about it heaps of my friends were flat chested until the age of 14 and didn't get their period till they were 15. I was just an early developer. The average age is probably 13 or 14. Don't worry about it!

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