How do I get a flat stomach?


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Abdominal Exercise
that’s the best tip that helps to get toned flat stomach. Abdominal exercise
with cardio workout helps in reducing calories.


Carbs are the enemy,
which should be eliminated from the diet. Select best possible type of
carbohydrate diet. Wholegrain carbs is the best option.

Low Fat or fat free food

Low fat or no fat
does not mean low calories. So diet that consists low calories is mostly

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The way to get a flat stomach is to eat at a caloric deficit on a day to day basis until you lose enough fat that it finally starts to come off your tummy and leaves you with a flat tummy :)

Now you cannot spot reduce, you cannot choose to take fat off of your tummy with certain exercises, that is a myth.

Just focus on eating lots of veggies and lean meats with 1-2 fruits/day. 

Minimize your processed food intake as that will allow you to more easily be satiated with lower calorie "healthy" foods...

Do cardio to create a larger calorie deficit and make the dieting process easier....and just keep consistent.

If you hit a plateau, reduce calories further, cut out carbs for 1-2 days or increase cardio.

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Many people
knows various exercises for flat stomach but am not giving here any lecture on
exercise but we also need to focus on our daily diet in a planned way. Here I
am describing some points which we need to focus.

1.    Drink
hot water and lemon if possible early in the morning

2.    Replace
your usual snack with fruits

3.    Keep
an eye on your sodium intake

4.    Stay
away from fizzy drinks

5.    Drink
peppermint tea always

6.    Skip

7.    Eat
more fiber

8.    Keep
an eye on your portion sizes

9.    Avoid

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ayurvedic obesity treatment is used to reduce the belly fat.

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