How Early Can You Detect Pregnancy?


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It depends on your cycle.  The over the counter urine test on some can be used to test early usually only upto 3 days early though.  And even then if it is still to early then it may still come out negative.  Right around now is when you might be ovulating.  Again depending on your body and cycle.  I would be getting busy trying to conceive and having fun.  Then when it gets closer worry about testing.  Stress does not help any when you are trying to conceive.  It can take time months to get pregnant.  Most peoples cycle is around 28 days.  You can take a blood test right around when your period is due.  They are more accurate.  An hcg quant will give you a number and idea how far along you are.  Good luck and have fun!!!
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I have sex 3 days after my period,the next day I start having cramps,now its being 2 weeks and every day I feel pain in my belly,am eating alot and visit the bathroom frequently. I think I mite be pregnant.i really want to be :-)
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Usually you can detect pregnancy 2/3 weeks after having unprotected sex. However, this varies in all women, it all just depends on when you get you period whether you were/are ovulating etc. My advice would be to go to an Early Pregnancy Clinic, there is one in most large hospitals. If you can't get to an EPC, I suggest either going to see your GP, a nurse or even better a midwife.
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They have early detection tests and tests and tests the best way to be sure is to see your doctor and have blood work done most tests can be accurate,others can read false but you could still be pregnant,so I wouldn't take any chances I'd see a doctor.
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Depend on the method you use some as early at 2 weeks
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It depends on the test. Or you can go to the emergency room and they can draw blood from you... You can tell that way a lot faster... Good luck with you.... And possibly your baby.....
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Can you tell if your pregnant after your first missed period or wen you are about to turn 5 weeks?
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Well If you have missed your period take pregnancy test.and if not then wait until you miss it. I hope this answer your question.japeace

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