I exercise for 2 hours a day and usually fast. Mom says I'm anorexic. I started at 120 lbs. & lost 10 lbs and I am 5'5. I lose about 1 pound every day. I dont intend to stop. I find so much enjoyment because the weight just keeps falling off. Is my anorexia relapsing again? Or is my mom over reacting?


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You're probably losing muscle which will leave you with a skeleton-ish  looking body. This is a good way to screw-up your metabolism. " I don't intend to stop " = sounds like a relapse to me.

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You're a bit underweight and shouldn't go below 110. Stop fasting but do continue to exercise. Unless you want to die - dying isn't very hot or sexy.

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Why not try to gain muscle? Lifting weights is fun! That way you look good, feel good, make your body happy, and stay at a healthy weight while having a healthy lifestyle!

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Your ideal weight is between 123 to 138. And yes, 110 pounds is underweight for you and you put yourself in danger of killing yourself (if you want an early grave, keep going). 

(ALSO, men don't like bony-underweight women, have fun getting a date). AND kiss your future kids goodbye too because being underweight will cause your period stop (permanently in most cases)

Your future plans don't sound too bright if thats your attitude. 

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I wouldn't tell you to stop exercising, I know how enjoyable it is. But losing weight the way you are is not only unhealthy it will make you look so unhealthy that people will shun you.

If you MUST exercise that much than it's an absolute necessity to eat enough to replace the body weight you lose. I know. I've been there.

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If your life has become about focusing on your weight, you are relapsing again.

Don't let anorexia take you over, you only get one shot at this life you don't want to spend it being dictated to by anorexia, spending your life worrying about your weight, getting high when you feel like you are in control and getting low when you have lost control.  You are not in control, anorexia is. Get some help and get off the slippery slope.  Find some healthy outward focused interests so that you're mind is occupied and you're less obsessed with yourself.  There is so much fun to be had out there and you are missing it.

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I'm thinking your are relapsing .. Which is not unusual.  Anorexia is a very insidious thing. What you are doing is unhealthy .. Period. You are starving your body and your brain by fasting with a workout schedule like that.  Your are under weight and seem to be focused on losing the weight more than gaining your health back. It's very clear you need help .. And no your mom is not over reacting.

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