First period advice... help?


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Ummmmm I never answer these kinda questions but  I can't find anything I wanna answer so yeah , I have some advice. Get some chocolate and watch ... Ahh crap ... I can't think of movie name :( it has some awesome Canadian actors in it though and it's a  really girly sappy movie. One sec. I'm thinking. Bahhhhh :/ OH !!! The notebook ! BAM ! 

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Always carry something with you - you never know when it will start, or if you'll be spotting, or.....

If you have cramps, use a heating pad - you can get one at Walgreens for $20. Use Midol or Pamprin - they help with bloating and cramps.

If you're young, track your period, when it starts and how long it lasts. That way, you'll have some kind of clue, if your period decides to be irregular.

Keep a supply of chocolate on hand. You never know when it will come in handy.

Your emotions can be all over the place before, during and after your period. Hence the chocolate.

You're becoming a woman. Your body will be changing. Do some web surfing and find out about what happens to your body, your mind and your emotions when you go through puberty.

If your emotions get the better of you and you bite someone's head off if they ask you a simple question - recognize it's the hormones talking and apologize.

When in doubt, talk to your mom. She's been all through this and knows how out of whack you will be feeling.

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Like echoos said talk to your mom. If you don't have a mom or step mom, ask an aunt or a friend's mom.

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Put it at the end of a sentence.


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