How to lose weight successfully for a 14 year old? (I'm mostly interested in the food, I know all about excercise)


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cut out the junkfood and sugary drinks,

every morning for breakfast eat a bowl of porridge, a piece  toast with some peanut butter on it,  some fruit, with a big glass of water..

for lunch try soup, salad, sandwich (those kind of things)

for dinner.. Hmmm. Whatever you and your parents make but don't over eat. (remember, always have a big glass of water with each meal)

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Talk to your doctor.  You're still growing .. Not great to "diet".  So many teens think they're overweight when they're not .. They're just healthy.  Let your parents and your doctor work with you to maybe change your every day eating habits.  Dieting is temporary .. Changing your lifestyle is what is needed in many cases.

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So lucky you! You are already at a great age to have a high metabolism. Now there is a couple things you want to get a firm understanding on.

First thing is the understanding of Caloric Intake versus Caloric burn. Your intake MUST be lower then what you burn up. You mentioned you know all about exercise but what EXACTLY do you know? We will talk about exercise last. First use this calculator - Click Here - and enter your age, height weight and this will give you a very generic idea of what you need to stay in for using only calories as a means to losing weight.  Now just reducing calories (AKA Dieting) can be painful all by itself . . "Well I don't like exercising Darkmajinn." . . . How about just taking a walk or hiking? . . If you include exercise as part of your effort to lose weight  YOU GET TO EAT MORE! . . . Then dieting isn't that terrible . . . If you do exercises that build more lean muscle (Running, Weight lifting, swimming), you Increase the already soaring metabolic rate you have at age 14 . . . Then you can add foods to help increase even more - Click Here -  . . .

So you can diet by taking in less calories then you burn off or you can exercise and change WHAT you eat to lose weight and feel healthier. Lose the soft drinks (even diet ones . . Diet soft drinks reek havoc on your body) . . Drink more water (try adding propel . . Not the best but it makes water more bearable). No processed foods or Fast foods . . . Instead of Fruit Juice, eat the actual fruit . . . Less impact to your body with regards to Fructose hitting the liver hard.

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Dear Prof C,

Well you specifically asked us not to comment on exercise, but here goes anyway!

In my experience you do not even need to diet as such, in fact I would even recommend against that. Instead, if you take care to eat well in the way folks here describe, you can actually feel in your body when your nutrition and exercise are in balance! It feels very good in your body and it is fun, excess weight falls off naturally because you are in balance and having fun.

* * *

(Okay here goes exercise comment) For your exercise be sure to choose things that are fun for you - hiking, swimming, dancing, running - then you can keep them up all your life and I can vouch at age 72 the results come out good.

Good luck wonderful wishes for marvelous lifetime lifestyle of fine health.

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KEEP OUT OF PROCESSED FOODS. Vegetable oil, sugar, processed carbs and all that. Watch "That Sugar Film" and get more info on the topic. Eat real, organic foods.

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