I'm breastfeeding and have had my period for three weeks now. I'm taking the pill as well. On top of that I have had insomnia for about the same time. Could the insomnia be related to the fact that I've had my period for this long?


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Well, let's look at this....first, you're breastfeeding so that tells me you've given birth recently....(hormones) second, you're taking birth control....(again, hormones) my guess would be that everything is connected to your hormone levels being wonky.

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How long ago did you have the baby?

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Dark, if she's breastfeeding, that must mean she had a baby. Amanda, you might try some natural things to help you get to sleep, until you see your doctor. I've had some success with Nighty-Night caffeine free herbal tea.

I've had some success with warm milk. I don't mix the tea with the milk; they're two different options to try. I also listen to relaxing music or a book on tape.

I'm a weird person; I like when someone reads me a story. My dad read to us at bedtime; in school, after lunch, we put our heads down on our desk and our teacher read to us for half an hour. So, I got an audio tape of the Boxcar Children and listened to that.

It's a children's story, so there's no sex or violence or bad words. I could close my eyes and picture what the kids were doing as I listened to the story. I was usually asleep by the second chapter. I suggested this to a coworker, whose husband traveled a lot for business. Within a week, she was back on her regular sleep schedule after listening to a children's audio book. Good luck!
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Thank you! I've tried a few things but nothing seems to work. I appreciate all the suggestions!
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Remember, it's probably just a temporary situation. Don't stress about it. Do your nightly routine, get comfortable in bed and just try to rest, have your body just relax after a long day. I usually do the long, slow breathing, as if I'm asleep. Breathe in really deeply, exhale long and slow.

With a baby, your body, your mind, your emotions have all taken quite a beating. The last thing you need to do is stress about not sleeping. I wish you good luck - I hope you find something that works for you!

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