How Much Weight Do You Lose If You Dont Eat For One Week?


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It varies depending on your current body weight. The more you weigh the faster you will probably lose it. But for the best results I recommend eating your favourite fruit when ever your hungry and nothing else. Fruit has hardly any calories and eating it a lot of it all the time will actually speed up your metabolism and you'll lose weight faster. Not eating will not help you at all because your body will go into what is called "starvation mode" which means that once it realizes your not eating anymore it will store all of the calories you eat or have previously eaten instead of burning them. Also drink lots of water because it makes you feel fuller and so its easier to curb hunger. Most importantly, water is the way you get rid of fat in your body. Basically what happens is when you burn fat it is broken down in to carbon dioxide and water. Your body sweats out the carbon dioxide and, well you can guess how you get rid of the water. Note. This is not a healthy way to lose weight. But neither is being overweight, and if you are you probably arn't being healthy anyways...Best of luck! I hope this helps PS since you asked you should lose between 10-20 pounds. Maybe more. But like I said it depends on your body type and how much you weigh. -Fitness Fanatic girl
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The amount of weight you lose for not eating for 1 full week would depend on how much you currently weigh.

If you feel into the "obese category" instead of just "overweight" you'd be able to lose more weight as you'd be more easily able to create a large caloric deficit from not eating...

Why? Because...

Your body requires a certain amount of calories to maintain it's current
weight (body weight in lbs x 15) if you were 150 pounds, that would be
150x15 = 2,250 calories/day.

To lose 1 pound you need to be in a deficit of 3,500 calories.  So if
you ate 500 calories less than this 2,250 each day (1,750 cals/day) you would
lose 1 pound each week.

If at 150 pounds you ate absolutely nothing for a week, you'd burn 15,750 calories, which is 4.5 pounds lost.

Again, if you were heavier, you'd create a greater daily deficit and lose more weight.

Also, this isn't taking into consideration the water weight you will lose, which could be 3-5 extra pounds.

But...this really isn't healthy and I would strongly recommend you not go any lower than 1,200 calories/day.

Your best bet is to find a proper diet/exercise routine and follow it to a "T for better results.

Here's one to look into further...

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Wow one week of not eating sounds impossible to me. I think you should eat right, stay healthy, and do some activities to keep you in shape and it will be fun . I did it and now I'm happy and healthy good luck :]

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