If I Starve Myself For 3 Days, How Much Weight Will I Lose?


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I can't stand how everybody posts comments saying, "don't starve yourself!"
"you'll gain all the weight back as soon as you lose it!" Its like if I wanted to hear a bunch of people say that I would have asked. But no, this girl is asking how much weight she'll lose by starving herself. So don't go all high and mighty and try to stop her cause trust me it won't work. . And it's just annoying. Anyways, every person's different when it comes to losing weight by starving themselves. Some people have more weight to lose than others so they'll lose it faster. From personal experience I've went on starvation diets and lost plenty of weight. . And then KEPT IT OFF. Its not that hard. As soon as you get down to your goal just keep to a very healthy diet like vegetables, fruit, and a little bit of grilled chicken. And drink plenty of water ALWAYS! If it can work for me then it can work for most people. You shouldn't always listen to facts and information on the internet and what doctors say. . Because of course, there's always a way around it.
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THANK YOU!!! And is it still off and how much did you lose
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I love all these comments they make me feel like I'm not the only one who has this crazy idea.!
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I've been starving myself for about four days now. Just drinking a lot of water. When I start to lose energy I just eat a few nuts or something just to keep my energy up... I have lost about 5 pounds so far and I'm proud of it!
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I started on monday I starved myself for 2 days and lost 5 pounds all I drank was water and a cup of this tea like thing my mom had and well I also went to zumba and on the third day I fainted I got scared and ate cereal but I'm starting up again on thursday I think its better to starve 2 days then eat one day but light meals not like "thanksgiving I'm going to go sleep for 3days now meals"
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You lose 2pounds in 1 day not eating just drinking fluids you ll lose 6pounds in 3days just
only eat a healthy diet to keep the weight of it really works just work out
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This is what I do to lose weight, I starve myself 2-3 days,  I drink water all day chew sugar free gum, and each morning I do a ab workout. The next few days after that I ussually feel weak I eat very little multiple times a day and only HEALTHY food during these three days I do intense workouts which since I don't eat a lot I should  be able to burn all the calories. I'm an athlete though I play vollyball,soccer,and do track and feild so I can't countinually starve myself because ill be to weak. I'm not overweight  a little bigger than average I just have that extra 15 lbs to get rid of, ( which is what I want to lose not what people say I should). A few years ago from the begining of 8th grade to my freshman year I went from 165 to 135 by eating very healthy and even though I was a athlete I bumped up my work out program  but as you can see this takes time. To lose weight you pretty much have to get rid of everything exspecially sodas, and sweet tea no gatorade every thing you drink try to make sure it has very low sugar, and no diet sodas arent a alternative.But by far the main thing you have to do is burn more calories than you intake, which you can do by starving yourself or anyway you feel works.
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I Starved myself for a day and I lost 2 pounds! In one day but then I stoped I'm thinking about starving myself for bout 3 days just to loose a few pounds but I starve myself for bout 2 to 3 days then eat for 2 days and so on so my body don't go into starvation mode an so I don't gain double what I lost when I eat.
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This is my first day of starving myself, I'm planning on only drinking things like water and coffee, and if I do get stupidly hungary ill nibble on some cellary or something.
I will have a small meal like a salad with something once a week, and I will work out also, I want to test my body to see how much weight I can lose in a week, if it dosnt work as much as I hope it will then there you go
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I don't think you would lose more than 5 pounds because your body starts using the fat it has stored, and after three days you are probably going to want to eat quite a bit. That is if you don't eat anything at all in those three days
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This is not healthy at all though.

There is nothing wrong with a 24 hour fast, or eating at 1,200 calories/day as a female and 1,500 calories/day as a male...but to eat nothing or almost nothing for 3 days is not advisable. Plus, the amount you lose in 3 days from 'starving yourself' would depend on how much you weigh to begin with and how many calories you're taking in each day.

For instance, if you weighed 250 pounds, your maintenance caloric intake would be: bodyweight (250) x 15 = 3,750 calories/day.

Because it takes 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound, and because you are over that number as a 250 pound person (at 3,750 calories/day, eating nothing)...In this case you'd lose a little over 3 pounds in 3 days (plus 3-5 pounds of water weight)

Once again, starvation will lead you more to health problems than weight loss.

Your best bet is to find a long term weight loss solution that yields reasonable yet fast results.

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I have dropped 10kg starving myself and things like that so it does it.. I will go back to starving myself tomorrow to lose even more weight

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People say you lose the minerals and stuff you need for energy and stuff you get from food. What if I just take my vitamins that give me nutrients and starve myself for like 3 days. 

I know someone who eats once a day and he drinks beer all the time but lost a lot of weight and he takes his vitamins.

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You May Lose Up To 2-3 pounds by fasting per day.  So,  if you fast in the right way for 3 days, you may successfully lose minimum 5 and maximum 8 pounds.

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This is not a healthy way to lose weight! If you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to change your diet and include exercise. I have never seen a person on an actual 'diet' keep the weight off. You need to eat healthy and eat good portions(based on your activity level, age etc). Any weight that you would lose by starving your self will come back with a vengeance! Not to mention it would only be water weight.You can calculate your weight through Weight Loss Calculator.

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Starving is a bad idea! It is certainly not a solution to lose weight. In fact, Fasting Diets Can Increase the Risk of Diabetes, Research Finds. So, experts always recommend natural and effective ways to lose weight. You can follow effective Weight Loss Diet Plans and also drink Mouth Watering Smoothies That Induce Weight Loss. I would suggest a balanced diet and yoga. Yogic Yoga and Weight Loss are closely related to each other. Try these ways!

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There are two main things you can do to lose weight.

1. Eat less (and clean).

2. Exercise more.

Go to the store and get a heart monitor watch (e.g. Polar or Timex brand) - it will come with a strap that will read your heart rate and calculate how many calories you are burning. Wear that watch for 24 hours on a sedentary day. It will tell you how many calories you burn in 24 hours. That's step 1.

Step 2 - modify your food intake so you eat fewer calories than you take in. This is where the discipline comes in. You want to fill your fridge with stuff you are sure about in terms of calorie content. You can go to websites like Quick weight loss to educate yourself. Stick with whole foods that are low in fat and low in sugar and don't have ingredients that are hard to pronounce, and aren't processed. Example - breakfast - egg whites and canadian bacon (eat about 1/4 of your daily calories for breakfast) - mid morning - have a piece of fruit ..... Lunch - chicken/fish/veggies.... Dinner .... Chicken/fish/veggies.... Once you start giving this some thought, variety is out there. It doesn't have to be painful.

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If you stop eating for a few days naturally you're gonna lose weight but I think it's mostly water. I'm not sure if the body fights back to regain that lost food or not but it seems to me that it will find a way to balance it out and that in the end the starving will be futile. I think if you eat about 1000-1200 calories a day you should lose weight pretty fast, but I wouldn't be too anxious about the time limit. Just let your body lose however much weight it can handle. There's no use getting all anxious about it.

If you wants to track your weight on daily basis then use this weight loss calculator app through which you can easily came to know about your calories level.

Good Luck!

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1. Drink at least one litre of water a day

Water is important in weight loss. Fat cells are made up of a dry mucus-like substance to make them better at storing fat. The more hydrated your fat cells the easier it will be to eliminate unwanted fat. Dehydration is a common cause of tiredness, poor concentration, reduced alertness, recurrent headaches and mood changes, and it can also lead to constipation, kidney stones, and even a blood clot, heart attack or stroke, as it increases the thickness and stickiness of blood.

2. Always get your five daily portions of fruit and vegetables

Canned frozen and dried fruit count too; potatoes are classed as carbohydrate and do not count as one of your five a day; a serving of vegetables is approximately one handful; you can hide veg in things like Bolognese sauce, or blend fruit to make a smoothie.

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What is your definition of “safe” and “starving?” By safe you mean, will you die and by starving you mean, completely no food only water? Well, if you starve yourself long enough you will die, yes. If you starve yourself long enough you will go into a “starvation mode” but not for a very long time. Better get good and useful information in articles from this blog: https://verv.com/blog/

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Chances are you won't lose much weight. You won't feel bloated or anything, which might make you seem like you lost weight, but not really. Your body doesn't work that way. You actually have to burn off those calories to lose the weight. Actually, if you starve yourself for too long, you start to gain weight... Shocking right!?
If you want you can drink lots of high calorie smoothies and protein shakes, if you're worried about losing weight. I recmonded you Macro calculator android app through this you get more results about Macro calculator .

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I did it and lost 6 pounds, then in one week gained 5 more pounds. So the grand total for starving myself was 1 pound, and I could have easily lost one pound by doin a number 2 haha. Only do it for a special occasion.
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Today is my first day and in 3 days I amd going 2 tell you if I have lost weight or still d same or if I got bigger I don't weigh 2 much but still want 2 lose weight am 13 and I don't exactly no how much I weigh but I have belly fat which I don't really like it not 2 boig but want it flater and have big thighs but just want 2 lose a little bit of that from camila fox
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You will not lose pounds of fat, but you will lose water. This is not a safe solution for weight lose. Your health comes first, your body image is 2nd. You have to be among the living to be able to change. I speak from a personal viewpoint. I was quite obese, 293 lbs. Before I got that large, I struggled with the 5 lb to 20 lb weight lost problem. Nothing quick was ever permanent. I occasionally start to creep back up the scale and I start to adjust my intake of food and try to walk some extra blocks a day.
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I starved myself for a week drinking only water and eating only two spoonfuls of my dinner each day, I manged to loose 3kgs in a week! And when I got around to having my first meal on the 8th day I ended up putting it all back on in just one day!
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Starving urself wont help. Your stomach will expand. You can also die. And its stupid!!! If you want to lose weight eat 1 or more apples a day. If you want to stop eating as much have some one hide unhealthy things. Eat some carrots, peaches, pears, grapes, bananas, fruits veggtibles. Don't forget the meats you need. Just don't eat too much. You should also go out jogging if you want to lose weight. Do some other exersises it will help

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