How Much Cayenne Pepper Do I Need To Use Per Day To Have Weight Loss Results? Also, Can I Use Cayenne Pepper On My Salad To Have Weigh Loss?


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Sprinkling cayenne pepper on your soup for instance will help you burn an extra 10 calories or so, but it has also been shown to suppress your appetite.

The appetite suppressing qualities of it I feel are far more beneficial then the small metabolic boost it provides.

Those who used cayenne on their previous meal in one study were found to eat 60 calories less at their next meal for example...

So for the purposes of weight loss, it would be a good idea to use as much of it as you can for the purpose of suppressing your appetite.

Aside from that, the rest of your results are going to come from you following the right structured diet and exercise plan.

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One cup of warm water with teaspoon of cayenne pepper and half of lemon squeezed. Drink every morning and you will lose weight. You can use cayenne pepper in all your recipes.
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I am a 210 lb male. How much cayenne pepper per day should I take, and how do I take it ?
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May be 1/2 spoon
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Although cayenne pepper does temporarily raise the metabolism as you consume it, the amount of calories you burn because of it are very little. Over the term of an entire year I'm sure this number may be somewhat significant but in no way should you rely on cayenne pepper for weight loss. Try conjugated linoleic acid and some good fish oils instead (or in combination with cayenne pepper). Best of luck!
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Although I am losing weight drinking a cup of warm water with cayenne a lemon every day, I will incorporate the fish oil. Omega does promote weight lose because of the good fat.
Thank you this was a very helpful.

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