Can A Doctor Tell Me If I Had A Miscarriage?


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Deborah Wacker answered
Yes, your Dr. Can tell you if you had a miscarriage. It involves heavy bleeding and  at times some women have blood clumps being discharged as well. It is best to go to the Dr. As soon as you can because if there is any part of the embryo tissue  left it can cause problems for you. Watch your bleeding closely. I am so sorry.
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nettie answered
Yes they can with a pelvic exam,checking your uterus and womb yes a doctor can tell that you have had a miscarriage, abortion etc...
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With just an exam, can be hard to tell, but if hormone levels are high, can be detected in either a blood or urine test.  He may also want to do an ultrasound to make sure is everything has been discharged from your uterus as this can cause serious complications down the line

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