Can Doctors Stop A Miscarriage?


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Usually, there isn't any prevention after the miscarige has happened. In the future, with more advanced technology, we can do so.
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Not while having the misscarriage. But the doctors can prescribe medication for you to take to help you better carry the fetus to term. I had to take the medication because I was having misscarriages and it helped me to carry the baby to almost full term.
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Very little can be done if your body is rejecting the fetus.  It might help you to know that often this is nature's way of dealing early on with a problem that might be severe.  At least it might help later, you'll still be sad now.  You should definitely call a doctor though.  They may have good advice and maybe there have been advances I don't know about.  One thing you can do is to get off your feet, lie back and put an ice pack on your belly - this is info ONLY if you are in the first trimester.  Now it did stop 2 miscarriages for me, but I had other problems later.  I don't know that this would be good advice if you are further on.  Please call your doctor or an advice nurse at the hospital.
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Sorry to say that you can not stop a miscarriage it is natures way and just keep trying if that's what you want and don't let it get you down hope this will help you
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I'm around 10-11 weeks pregnant and had bleeding last night when I went the loo and wiped same thing happened this morning the blood is light , I do have some cramps in my Lower stomach its a light colour red no darkness, have I miscarried my scan is the 7th of dec nxt week I'm soo scared , I don't even want to go the doctors because I'm scared of what they say I'm nearly 20 too ive just got used to the fact that I'm pregnant and now this happens I'm so scared I can't stop crying I don't want it to end like this .
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Speaking from personal experience I was told there is nothing that can be done to stop an early miscarriage but it may be comforting to know that many many women go on to have future pregnancys that are ok take care

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