I Had My Tubes Cut And Burned And I Wonder Now: Can I Get Pregnant?


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Ok so my wife had her tubes cut and burned 10 years ago. She hasn't had her period in a month. Today she just had a "feeling" and decided to buy a HPT. We ended up buying SIX of them and they all came up positive. Going to the Dr. Tomorrow.
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Yes I would say so.Because I know some one that had the thing happen to her while her tubes was cut and burned she got pregnant unexpectedly so I would say it is a pregnancy test also.
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Having your tubes cut and burned is very different from a tubal ligation,you had your tubes pulled back away from your ovaries  each side down  in the middle, cut so they can't go back together burned which means the ends are closed off which means there is no tunnel for anything to travel up or down where as mine were taken and clamped in the middle,with nothing else done so they still sit over my ovaries and they are still connected at the uterus,and I have a tunnel but it is smashed in the middle,I hope you understood the explanation.There is once in awhile the very rare occasion that a woman will get pregnant,with tied and burned tubes.but its rare.
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My tube where never tied only cut and burned so how soon do you think my tube could grow back
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I have a very beautiful daughter that was conceived after  a tubal ligation.  I was awake with a spinal block so I saw the doctor cut the tubes, smash the ends of the tubes with a hammer and then roll them and sew the ends to the sides of the fallopian  sack in opposite directions.  For me to have become pregnant the tubes  had to come unsutured, unsmashed,unrolled and find each other and reattach themselves together.  If you knew Kelly you would have to say that she probably came down from heaven and accomplished this miracle herself because she wanted to be born in this family.
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I also had my tubes cut, burned, and tied. If there is a hole in the tube somewhere so that sperm can pass through it is a possibility that you can still be pregnant. Now if you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy and that is the reason for the question there could be a whole ton of causes. I myself experience greater then normal cramping, soreness, and tiredness every month but do not actually have a period but once every 3 or 4 months. I believe especially for the ones that had their tubes cut or burned it is possible the blood flow to your ovaries has been damaged. Thus your ovaries are dying but your uterus is still building up every month but you do not ovulate. You feel symptoms but without the bleeding leads you to think pregnancy. It has been almost 5 years since my ligation and I went through thinking I was pregnant for most of those years. Now I realize that is highly unlikely.
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Yes you do ovulate. The point in getting this procedure done is to keep the sperm from contact with the eggs that you ovulate. I have already read where a lot of women still get pregnant months and even years after having a tubal ligation done. Yes even when there tubes are cut, tied and burned.Your tubes don't have holes in them. A lot of times the tubes are able to grow back together. Even more likely to happen when performed during a c-section. So can you get pregnant? It is possible.
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Usually once the tubes has been burned it can't be reversed but your eggs are still there. Have you thought about IVF? You sound like a good candidate for it. But with the technology today who knows if something new has come around to reverse this. I suggest you to discuss this with your GYN and he can also give other avenues to go.     Please rate my answer
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I had my tubes cut and burned and I cannot get pregnant.  Yes I still produce eggs but the only chance of pregnancy is through IVF or the Good Lord Above.
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Hi, my name is cynthia mackey and I'm trying to find out could I get pregnant. My tubes have been tied now and burn for 13 years
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I have six kids 21,19,17,15,11,8 my tubes have been burned tied 8yrs ago can I still get pregnant I have been feeling real sick like I wont to vomit every day and night and I sleep more than I use to do
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Unless you had the tubal ligation reversed, it isn't possible for you to be pregnant now.  I'm not sure what you mean by being sensitive to movements, but even if you were pregnant, it would be way too early to detect any movement.

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