How Long After Implantation Can I Test For Pregnancy?


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Hello my name is Kayla. Ok Here's my story. On Dec. 10th I went into the hospital because I thought I had the flu and the doctor ordered a urine pregnancy test and it came out positive. So the Doctor told me to STOP taking my BIRTH CONTROL, so I stop taking it. I went into the hospital again because they told me to come back if my vomiting got worse so I did and I told them that I was pregnant and the Doctor ordered a blood test and an ultrasound and it said that I was NOT pregnant and my husband and I were so upset that we decided to go ahead and start trying for a baby, on the 11th we had sex 4 times then on the 12th we had sex twice, and the 13th once. On the 14th I started having spotting and it was brown and red a little and after that it was brown and it stopped completely on 16th. So I took a CLEARBLUE PREGNANCY TEST today and it came out NEGATIVE. Can anyone give me advice on what to do. The doctor did blood work on me on the 15th and they did a blood pregnancy test and they told me that I could get that early, but I feel like it would be too early for that. Can anyone help me please!
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You can test for pregnancy as soon as 6 days after implantation. You can do so with the help of early prediction home pregnancy test available, these detect pregnancy as early as 6 days past ovulation.

Usually, it takes around 6 days for fertilized egg to implant. The spermatozoid connects with ovum in external third of fallopian tube. It takes 6 days for it travel to the back wall of your uterus.
6 days might not be the right time in some cases as these tests are not very sensitive, to guarantee you an accurate result at this point.

You would expect your period 14days after fertilization, most home pregnancy tests may be able to detect if you are pregnant or not. These tests detect the hormones in you urine and give you a positive result if implantation has occurred.
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A week before your next period is supposed to occur
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Test after your missed period. A test taken before a missed one can read negative even if you are pregnant

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