How Long After My Period Should I Wait For Intercourse?


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A woman can have sex at any time after their period but if the aim is to avoid becoming pregnant, there are a few precautions you need to take. Men and women can have sex during a woman's period if they do not mind the sight of blood or making a bit of a mess.

Condoms can be used and they have a success rate in the high nineties; however, many women and men feel this takes away from the sensation and do not enjoy using them. But having unprotected sex can result in pregnancy even when you least expect it. But in general, the period right after a women's period is one of the safest times to have unprotected sex without the worry of the woman becoming pregnant, but it is not without risk. Stranger things have most certain happened and will continue to happen in the future.

Accidents can and do happen because of a number of factors. Women's periods can at time be irregular due to hormone fluctuations and the women will not be aware of this. There are a host of other contraceptive options out there that work as well as condoms. There are now morning-after pills that can be used as the name suggests, the morning after you have had relations and the success rate for this method is high. There are also spermicidal creams that can be used that kill sperm on contact and act as a lubricant as well. But there is no method that is 100 per cent effective and that must be kept in mind when using any of these products.

Sex after a period is one of the safest times for a couple to have unprotected sex who do not want to have children. Using one of the many birth control methods on the market today can keep the odds on your side and make any parenthood on your part planned.
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If avoiding pregnancy, there is no good time, even right after your period as sperm had been known to live for over a week, little buggers and even then, they may hide. You can have intercourse the day after but use protection.  Some couples if they are close enough actually have intercourse during the period.  Believe it or not, it helps to relieve period cramps.  Once again, there is no safe time, your ovulation may be off, who knows, and like I say, sperm can last an awful long time.  My parents try to get pregnant for 3 years to no avail. As soon as they decided to use the rythem method, having sex in order to avoid, according to period and ovulation time, bamm, mom got pregnant right away
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The optimum time to get pregnant is somewhere round the middle of the cycle.
If you don't want to get pregnant then the closer to you period either way is is fine and less likely.
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Whenever you feel comfortable, but if you are trying to avoid pregnancy, use protection
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Whoever gave me one star for my answer...grow up, she only asked when she could have sex after her period, nothing about pregnancy....I was just guessing that was what she meant!!!!!!!

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