My Nipples Have Been Itchy For A Week Now. Is This A Sign Of Being Pregnant?


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There are other signs to look for if you think your pregnant other then itchy nipples. Are they sore? Are your boobs fuller? Is the skin around your nipple getting darker? If so you could be pregnant. Also look for your period is it getting closer if so this may be the reason why. Hope this helps=]
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Not necessarily.  There are many reasons why you may be itching:  Dry skin, growth, irritation, allergies, etc. Can all be reasons.  If you are in doubt as to pregnancy, or itching continues to be a problem, best to do a home test and/or see your doctor.
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It could be an allergic reaction to the detergent you use on your garment.
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I've had those many times and its not a sign that you're pregnant. It is growing. As my nipples were itchy when I had my period, I noticed they grew. Most of them time, its itchy due to growth.

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Well if there is dark ring around your nipples it could be a possible sign of being prgnat but just to be sure you should see a doctor.
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It means your nipples are mad you and they want you to leave them alone and just ingore them they are pissed at you ok so have fun with your itchy nipples!!!!!

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