How Does An Unborn Child Develop Three Weeks After Gestation?


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After the embryonic stages of development, at about 18-21 days the heart begins to beat, the nervous system is developing the foundations of the brain and the spinal cord are present. The liver starts to produce blood cells for the heart to pump. Also at this stage, brain waves can be detected using an EEG machine. The child has head, primitive eyes, ears, developing brain and the presence of small kidneys and the liver. Yet whilst all this is going on, the mother may still not even know she is pregnant.

About 45 per cent of abortions each year are carried about between 9 and 12 weeks gestation. At this stage, a baby is usually fully formed, everything is present and all they have to do now is grow and mature in preparation for birth. It can kick, wave its arms, do somersaults and drink some of the amniotic fluid which surrounds it.

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