Can I Be Pregnant And Still Have My Monthly Menstrual Cycle?


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Well I was pregnant and I still got my period for 4 months then I found out that I was pregnant so it is possible....
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 Hi my best friend had very lite bleeding during her pregnancy. However she truly was pregnant and lost her baby at 5 months. If you are taking store bought test and they say you're not then I would get blood work done and an ultrasound done. It is very unhealthy to bleed 2 days if you are pregnant.  To me it sounds like you have irregular periods. When you have a full period your uterus lining falls off therefore so does the implanted fetus. To me it sounds like you are not pregnant. I would go to your OBGYN ASAP! GOOD LUCK I hope all turns out well
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I am not sure about doctors if they say that you can't get periods in pregnancy. You can get periods in pregnancy. Many women experience periods and spotting in pregnancy. Did you take blood pregnancy test? If not then you should have it. You can also go for ultrasound now.

The other possibility is irregular period because of hormonal imbalance, stress, medication, improper nutrition etc. Consult with a good specialist doctor for check up and treatment.

For details about periods in pregnancy click here.
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I am a witness that it CAN happen. MY nursing school teacher said no, but I know what I experienced. The halting of the cycle is suppose to be for the baby, but stranger things have happened.
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I was pregnant and did not know until I went to my family planning doctor to get birth control pills. I had a  period before. They told me that this was a sign of my body trying to have miscarriage.
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When pregnancy takes place, our brain can detect and suppress the ovary not to ovulate further. This results is cessation of periods. So if you become pregnant, first symptom is no periods. As you are having periods every month, so pregnancy is not possible. It is very rare to have pregnancy and periods together that can be one in 100,000.

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