Can Having A Fever Be A Sign Of Being Pregnant?


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The fever as a sign of pregnancy is not authentic as it can be due to many reasons. Although few ladies complaint about fever as early sign but it is not a confirm sign. The authentic sign is missing period at due dates. If you have missed periods, then test HCG levels in blood and in urine.
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What would give you the impression  pregnancy can cause fever. A slightly elevated temp has hundreds of  possibilities. Number one, it could be a decrease in fluid intake. It may be a sign of a coming cold. It may be due to enviorment temp. Just increase your fluid intake and if it continues to rise, it is time to seek professional advice. I wish you well
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Ive just heard that some women talked of having slight fevers just before they found out they were pregnant. I know its not set in stone or anything, I was just wondering if anyone else had a fever during their early pregnancy.

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