How Long Will I Have To Stop Smoking Marijuana For Before I Can Pass A Blood Test?


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Karen answered
Yes, longer than 30 days...but there are many factors to how long. THC remains in the fatty cells. So a skinny person can test negative earlier than a fatter person. There are those stores in EVERY town that carry this drink...usually where you buy pipes, screens and stuff. Sometimes gas stations carry it too. Drink that and you should be ready to urinate the next day.
Then stop smoking and you will not have this problem.
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rita primous answered
I have a friend who smokes marijuana every day. He had to go for blood test for job . He stopped smoking for a month and it still showed up in his urine , blood. I think it has to be longer than 30 days. Although you can buy some medicine from the health food store and it will eliminate your problem. The cost is around 50.dollars. Check it out. It worked for my friend and he finally got a job. Passed the drug test.
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The longest THC is detectable in the bloodstream is 2 weeks. To be safe,you should go at least 2 & 1/2 weeks without smoking.
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Here is a thought just stop for good that way you wont have to worry.

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