Can I Get Pregnant If I Smoke Weed?


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Yes, if you smoke week you CAN get pregnant.  Weed doesnt kill sperm immediately or your eggs. A doobie isn't birth control. But after a long period of use it could cause you to become sterile.
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Yes, you can get pregnant I new a friend of mine and she smoke a lot with her partner, they had unprotected sex and she came out to be 100% pregnant... So yes, you can get pregnant
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All drugs affect fertility in both men and women.. But you can still get pregnant. Chances are just decreased.
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There are no known studies that suggest that smoking weed will help you or hinder you in getting pregnant.  Don't believe every answer you get on this website.  Your fertility - or ability to get pregnant depends on many other factors. 
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Yes, you can get pregnant, it isn't birth control.  But you shouldn't smoke once you conceive.  It might be harder, but not that much.
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I smoked weed before I got pregnant the first time then tried getting pregnant again with out weed and couldn't get pregnant then I smoked weed and got pregnant with in the month can't tell me that weed hurts your body
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Only if it shoots out sperms
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I don't know my mother in law says you can't get pregnant if you smoke weed and I have one little girl and I want to get pregnant again and I am only 22 and I think it would be good if my girl had a brother or sister. And my husband and I smoke a lot of weed
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Chances of getting pregnant will be a lot harder for you than women who do not smoke weed. After a long time use of smoking pot you would be real lucky if you got pregnant at all.
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No you cannot get pregnant by smoking weed you idiot stop wasting our time and being stupid
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Listen here buddy perhaps she is ignorant and is just asking before she does some thing stupid. I think that is pretty responsible for someone her age. Only anti biotics can mess up your birth control, use rubbers or something else while your on those. There is NEVER a STUPID question just stupid people who pick on someone with inferior intelligence. It's people like you who stop people from reaching out for help.

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