Can I Remove An Enlarged Labia Myself?


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You need to see a doctor who might just tell you that what you think ARE enlarged labia, AREN'T.  Whether you are talking of oral labia or vaginal labia, the removal of these involves significant surgery.  Don't try it yourself unless you are willing to risk having major bleeding and risk of infection with resulting major disfiguration.  Maybe even death.
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I would not recommend it as the risk of infection post-surgery rates high without proper medical procedure.
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Oh my god, I wish.
I am 16, I have one, it hurts and it's horrible.
I really hate it.
I have been trying to summon up the courage to tell my guardian about it but I am too scared.
It's too embarrassing.
This is controlling my live nowadays, I can't stand it.
I hate hate hate hate it.

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