I Have A Tingling Feeling In My Breast, Like A Pin Was Stuck In It . I Feel Sick Right Now After Eating Some Toast And Drinking Some Tea . Do You Think I Am Pregnant I Have To Wait For3/12 Before I Test?


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Dipa Suresh answered
I must tell you that these are the typical symptoms of a pregnancy, because these are the symptoms that I experienced when I was pregnant!

However, my advice to you would be to see a Doctor and find out what he says, because you are responsible for taking care of your body, and it is dangerous indeed if you follow others' advice and ignore the warning signals that your body has been sending you.
Take action as soon as possible.

Having said all that, I can now tell you that it was during the first few weeks of pregnancy that I started to feel a tingling and a heaviness and fullness in my breasts. I was nauseous most of the time, and I could not even drink a cup of coffee without needing to throw it up. I was also drowsy and sleepy most of the day, and also during the night, and I had to get up to visit the toilet several times during the night. All these symptoms showed up when I had not even confirmed my pregnancy.

In your case, however, please visit your Doctor, or get yourself a Home pregnancy test, and confirm pregnancy. Until then, avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking, and unnecessary medication.
All the Best!
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Bonnie Be answered
Well when did you last have sex and when was your last period? If the pain in your breast is bad, you are better off seeing a doctor.

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