Can I Make Abortion In Home Without Surgery?


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Yes there are plenty of ways,but they are not safe.I sincerely hope that you are not considering this.Please see a doctor for a safe way to learn about abortions.
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In France, a general practioner  can give a pill to the woman ( misoprostol)
She then receives also a second pill to take at home and a phone number of an associated clinic, to call if anything goes out of control.

I don't think it's possible in the USA.
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- For salt poisoning

Amniotic fluid is extracted in the bag that protects the baby. A long
  needle is inserted through the abdomen of the mother to the amniotic 
sac and injected instead a concentrated salt solution. The baby swallows
  this solution could cause his death 12 hours later poisoning, 
dehydration, brain hemorrhage and other organs. This saline produces 
severe burns on the baby’s skin. A few hours later, the mother begins 
“delivery” and gives birth to a stillborn or dying, often in 
pimiento.This method of abortion is used after 16 weeks of pregnancy .For more details

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