What Does Discharge Mean?


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It has a few different meanings:
1: to relieve of a charge, load, or burden: a: unload <discharge a cargo ship> b: to release from an obligation c: to release electrical energy from (as a battery or capacitor) by a discharge 2 a: to let or put off <discharge passengers> <discharge cargo> b: shoot <discharge an arrow> c: to release from confinement, custody, or care <discharge a prisoner> <discharge a patient> d: to give outlet or vent to : emit <discharge emotions>3 a
: to dismiss from employment
: to release from service or duty <discharge a soldier> b: to get rid of (as a debt or obligation) by performing an appropriate action (as payment) c: to set aside : annul d: to order (a legislative committee) to end consideration of a bill in order to bring it before the house for action4: to bear and distribute (as the weight of a wall above an opening)5: to bleach out or remove (color or dye) in dyeing and printing textiles6: to cancel the record of the loan of (a library book) upon return
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To relieve of or release from something that burdens or confines; specif.,
to remove the cargo of (a ship); unload
to release the charge of (a gun); fire
to release (a soldier, jury, etc.) from duty
to dismiss (a special committee) after it has reported to the legislature of which it is a part
to dismiss from employment
to release (a prisoner) from jail, (a defendant) from suspicion, (a patient) as cured, (a debtor or bankrupt) from obligations, etc.

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