My Puppy Has A Loose Tooth. Should I Pull It Out?


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If the area around the loose tooth looks fine then you are best leaving it. If there is any smell or discharge from the surrounding area, or if it looks as though it may be infected you should take it to the vets to have it removed and the infection treated.
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Puppy teeth are meant to be temporary and have no roots.  If they are still there after the adult teeth are coming in, and the pup is around 6 months old,  it's a good idea to pull them.  Use a piece of gauze or even a paper towel so you can get a good grip and pull the tooth. Pull the tooth towards the outside of the mouth and towards the gums. Pull down for a lower tooth and up for an upper. You are actually prying the tooth out. Don't try to pull the tooth straight up from the gum!  As I said before, there is no root and the tooth should come out fairly easily. The pup may yelp once but it's not really hurt and certainly doesn't require stitches or veterinary care. It will stop bleeding in just a couple minutes.  There are a lot of hands on things that you can do without the vet. This should give you more confidence and make you a better pet owner. Good luck!
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Well , my cat had the same thing when I had a wobble tooth aswell as her . Just leave him/her alone and it will suddenly come out . My cat`s tooth was sticking out towards us. The next day there was no tooth and I found it in my keyboard on my laptop (EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW)!
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Yes, if it's hurting him or her of course.

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