When A Crown Is Loose From The Tooth What Should You Do?


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Fillings are substances which are used by dentists to fill up cavities in the teeth. Crowns are pre made coverings which slip on top of the tooth which is damaged. At times the crown can get loose and fall off. This is not actually an emergency situation, but it may hurt the person as the exposed tooth tissue gets easily affected by elements like air pressure etc.

If you lose a filling or a crown, you can simply purchase dental cement which is available over the counter in most drug stores. Simply cover the surface with the dental cement until you visit the dentist. The cement will help protect and shut off the area and will prevent it from any injury. If you don't get dental cement, apply some clove oil to the area with the help of a cotton swab till you see the dentist.
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It depends on why its loose. If its loose because the crown is damaged, then sadly it would have to be replaced. Now if its loose because the crown just got dislodged from the tooth underneath, then the Dentist can remove the crown, clean your tooth and the crown from any dental cement then simply recement it.

Hopefully your tooth isn't the one that is moving. I sometimes see patients complaining of a loose crown but its actually the entire tooth which is moving.I also suggest you this Toothache Home Remedies, there are plenty of home remedies to get rid of toothache instantly.

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dental glue for crowns are classified into two categories:

•  Temporary dental glue
•  Permanent dental glue

The permanent dental glue for a crowns is a sure shot way to maintain its strength and resistance. Since this type of glue forms a chemical bond, it is next to impossible to break it.

Such glue forms a strong bond with the teeth and does not waver from bonding with the sensitive dental tissues.

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