Iv Been On My Period For 5 Weeks What's Wrong?


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Periods for weeks continuously is not good signs and can be due to many reasons. Normal menstrual bleeding can be 2-7 days. A bleeding for more than 7 days is not good for health as it can cause anemia and weakness and can be due to some serious underlying cause. Most common causes of prolong bleeding are

1. Uterine fibroids
2. Endometrial hyperplasia
3. Endometrial cancer
4. Side effects of some medicines
5. Miscarriage
6. Change of birth control pills
7. Use of intrauterine device
8. Menopause
9. Pelvic inflammatory disease
10. Stress
11. Anxiety
12. Thyroid and pituitary gland problems

So, you should visit a doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Iv been on my period for 6 to 7 weeks with period  pains I do have the implant inmy arm which ran out 4 weeks ago I am haveing it out next week
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Nothing, your body's changing.

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