My Period Was Due Yesterday, And Still No Period. For The Past Few Days I Feel Light Cramping, Feels Like I Will Get My Period But No Sign Of It. Could I Be Pregnant?


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tia diamondz answered
That happened to me and then my period came about 3 days later. If it doesnt come in two weeks take a pregnancy test. You could take one now, but it might read a false negative.
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Well, if you have had unprotected sex, there is always a chance of being pregnant, but periods are often irregular, and seeing as only a day late give it time. Your worrying may cause a delay, even a missed period. Wait a few weeks, try to relax, get your mind off of it. If you just had sex a day or two ago, there is always the morning after pill, but this does not sound like this may be the case. As well, the morning after pill can really mess up your system for a few months. Causing delays and irregular period for awhile until the body readjust. Best of luck and good health

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