What Should You Do After An Abortion?


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Go and get a confession. Ask the lord for forgiveness. The lord has given you a gift but you did not except it. So its good to pray and ask him for forgiveness. I too have a child on the way. Well ~~~~~just read my debate and you will know what I'm going through.. I have except this child because it a gift from the lord and I never did think about having an abortion, because I feel it is wrong.. I'm not saying that your a bad person, it is something that I would tell my wife to do if she had an abortion.
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You should mourn for the life you ended, and learn from the depression you brought upon yourself never to have another, and give people the advice you now wish you had, and ask God for forgiveness, and then forgive yourself.  But never forget.
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After abortion you can experience cramping which is very much similar to the menstrual cramps, however sometimes these cramps can get more intense, sometimes you can also experience bleeding or spotting for a period of 3 to 6 weeks.

To prevent these problems to a certain limit you need to get a uterine massage which will help you decrease the cramps, to do this you need to use the heel of your hand and push it firmly inwards on your abdomen and rub it in a downward motion. Also as a precaution use maxi pads until your next period and check how much you are bleeding. If you are bleeding excessively go to the doctor immediately and get yourself checked. Also take the medicines that have been prescribed to you regularly.

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