When Is The Best Time To Exercise Before Or After Eating?


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Regular exercise can help you stay fit and protected from diseases. However, the time when you exercise also plays an important factor. According to experts, the best time to exercise is before eating.

Exercising before eating your meals proves to be very beneficial. Many people make it a habit to perform their regular exercise routines before breakfast. They believe that nothing can make them more energized and alive after a good night sleep than walking, jogging, doing aerobics and the like when they wake up in the morning.

In addition, exercising before meals allows your body to burn fats easier. You need energy to move and since you still haven’t eaten any, your body will transform your stored fats into energy and that will serve as your body’s fuel as you go about your exercises.

One of the reasons why many consider it best to exercise before meals is to avoid health complications such as acid reflux. This common health problem is experienced by those who perform heavy activities like exercising after eating. The food’s not yet fully digested by the stomach that moving a lot can weaken the esophageal sphincter and release stomach acids back to the esophagus. Worse, there are others who also experience vomiting when they exercise after a meal.

Have you noticed how difficult it is to move around when you’re full? This is another reason why exercising after eating is prohibited. You won’t be able to perform your exercises well if your body is too heavy.

Many say that exercising before eating is a no-no since all those heart-pumping activities can make you feel hungrier. This is true but there’s something you can do to avoid overeating after a stressful exercise. The key here is drinking lots of water before meals. Water acts as a natural food suppressant; it will make you feel fuller even if you haven’t eaten yet.
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It is best to eat aproximately 20-40 minutes before exercising. The reasoning being that you want enough energy and food in your system to do a good job at working out, but not so much that your food is sloshing around in your tummy.
Remember to eat according to what type of activity you are engaging in. A little more carbs for aerobic exercise and a little more protein for weight lifting/muscle building stuff.
And finally keep the food light! Not only is it healthier, but you will also get a better quality energy.
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30 minutes after eating so your metabolism will continue burning for 3-4 hours straight after you stop exercising.
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The best time for exercise is when it suits you. If you like to work out in morning it sounds good. As you get up early in morning you will be able to fresh your mind and body before going to your work.
If you like to workout in evening then you have to keep some things in your mind that you must not exercise after having your lunch because your stomach needs a proper flow of blood to digest your food. If you started exercising you will convert the flow of your blood towards your muscles and due to which you will gain fat .that's because you does not allowed your food to be digested properly.

If you are in mood of having a weight loss and you feel yourself lazy about it then here are some of ideas through which you can lose weight easily. Keep in mind losing weight means a lot of patience regarding your food, especially junk food. I.e. if you are cookie lover or like to eat candies, chocolates, ice creams then first of all you need to do is to divert your attention from food. try this as I did for myself, make some chits like "go water the plants", "no way, it's a total mess for my body", "have you finished your home work???", "is your presentation completed yet???" and many of these type and put them in your jars and cabinets so when you open them you will see a chit and you will go near your goal which is weight loss.
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I heard before eating, I forget the reason though but I am pretty sure its before eating

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