How Long Does It Take To Have A Period Or Get Pregnant After Mirena IUD Removed?


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My wife is thinking of going on the same thing once she has our first child here shortly. All documentation we have found says that normal ovulation should begin with in 1 to 6 months from removal. While the depo shot is anywhere from 3 months up to 18 months.
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Iv had my mirena out just yesterday morning after having it in for two years and am waiting patiently for my period , (never thought id say that)
I'm being pretty impatient too as last time I got it out for my 2nd kid I got it like half an our after
taking it out and got pregnant instantly! Does it mean your less fertile the longer it takes for your period to come ?
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I got mine taken out yesterday morning and got my period 3 hours after it was removed. Had it removed so i could get pregnant with my second child. So now im just waiting to see if my test is positive
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I had my mirena removed 1 month and 4 days ago and I am STILL waiting on my period...I've taken SEVERAL ptests and they all come back negative....My dr. Told me this is normal, but all the internet research suggests otherwise...I'm nervously waiting to see if I make it to the 2 month mark she told me to wait til to seek help...
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I had my coil out a week and half now.I got my period straight away it finished last thurs I been havin unprotected sex ive felt sick and my breasts hurt and I'm also really it to soon to think I could be pregnant? And should I wait till I'm due my next period to do a test? Please help..
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I do not know but I want mine removed and I was wondering how long it would take for me to get pregnant?
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I don't know specifically, but I use mirena and was told that you can get pregnant right away. I would say any day now. I do know stress can contribute to not conceiving so you may just need to relax...I know its hard because when I was trying to conceive my 2nd child, I was very impatient and wanted to get preg, many times I thought I was and it turned out it wasn't. Good luck

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