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What you can to make em bigger is lay down on your stomach (naked) and move in circles. Put most of the weight on your boobs as you move and they'll ouff up a little. You could also have sex and that works oh and sucking on them. Trust me I'm 11. I've tried everything!! Have fun and good luck!
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cool one=] not telling you
Jeeezzz ur eleven and have had sex.....thats just not right! And especiallly dont recomend it to a ten year old! Thats horrible!
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Yeah, i totally agree with hiitsme!
That is just so wrong!and i really cant imagine, taht all that crap works.
Dont go blurting around, what a wh*re u are
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Just be patient and let them grow
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I'm kinda like being patient because my time will come
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If you are 10 I wouldnt worry about it right now because you will go through puberty in your teens I am right now and I'm 14 :)
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You shouldn't be worried about that stuff ask your mom for a training bra to boost your confidence

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