What Happens If You Take Oxycodone While On Suboxone?


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Mixing Oxycontin/Oxycodone with Suboxone can be fatal......it can actually stop your heart and 7 out of 20 people that mix those two drug's die every day because they were stupid enough to mix their medications.....don't be stupid

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You won't feel the effect of the pain medicine if you are on suboxone. But if you don't take your
suboxone then take your pain med...you will feel a little bit of the pain med.
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Hey thanks, my problem is I had major shoulder surgery last year and have been taking my pain meds for a while well I wanted to get off them so I started suboxone on monday and injured it at work yesterday it hurts like he'll right know how long does it have to. Be since my last dose of sub?

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