Sore Nipples And Slighty White On The Tips, What Dose This Mean?


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Painful breasts and discharge from the nipples can be due to several things, but it is usually caused by a hormonal effect.

As you've given very little information about your overall condition it's hard to say, but white discharge and soreness is common in pregnancy. Are you pregnant or have you missed a period recently? It would be a good idea for you to arrange to see your GP as they will be able to examine your breasts and organise a blood test to check your hormone levels.

One particular hormone, called prolactin, can cause nipple discharge if the level is higher than normal, but in this situation, it is usual for a woman's periods to stop.

If you are not pregnant check that the discharge is clear or milky, and that both breasts are affected, a simple examination by your GP will reassure you further that it is nothing serious.

However, it would be wise to take a pregnancy test to make certain that you aren't pregnant. Sometimes a single pregnancy test may give a false reading so it's best to do several. Also try to buy pregnancy tests of a good standard as they will be more accurate.

If the test is negative, the most likely reason for your recent nipple discharge is a recent change in hormone levels, maybe as a result of stopping the Pill. If this is so, it is likely to settle gradually.

Avoiding nipple stimulation (sexual or otherwise) will help to settle this symptom more quickly, but as I mentioned earlier the best guidance I can give you is to visit your doctor for professional advice.
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If the liquid coming from your breast is colorless like water then no need to worry because this is produced to keep the ducts open. If it is milky discharge then visit a doctor because this can be due to increase levels of a hormone called prolactin. This can also cause cycle irregularities and infertility. So, visit a doctor and get proper tests needed for diagnosis.
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I can see white on the tips of my nipples there a little sore
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Could be but it could also be that your ovulating or are due your period if your period is late however you could do a test to confirm you can test from the 1st day of a missed period take care
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The very tips of my nipples are VERY painful> It started with my right about 4 days ago, and now my left nipple feels the same. Inside the nipples it looks white and around the tip is dark brown. What could this be?

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