Am I still Pregnant? Early pregnancy symptoms have gone.


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Most likely.  Most people don't experience symptoms til they have missed their period.  Usually, the first symptom is missing your period.  You usually get morning sickness when you are around 6 weeks along or so.  Yet, it depends on the person.  I am a medical assistant not a doctor.  The first symptoms are usually a missed period, some people may cramp a little and spot, when they miss their period.  Others might experience fatigue and sore breasts.  If you think you are pregnant don't take any medications, til you find out for sure, and know it is safe.  There are home tests you can take upto 5 days before your missed period that can tell you if you are pregnant or not.  You need to read the box though before buying them.  Good luck.  If you buy one and get a negative it could just be too early, and you should retest in a week or go get a blood test from the doctor.  Good luck.
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I did it on my high fertility days which was the 4-7 and this was in july and I had a period on the 20 and it stared like 5 in da after noon which has never happen to me but I was post to start on the 21? And I'm so like lost with every thing I'm a 28 girl lol and my pee not trying to be rude but my pee is like really light yellow and it gets a lil dark not to dark and I'm not drinkin any water I NEED HELP! And when me and my boyfriend have sex I feel like I'm going to be sick sometimes? Never happen before? NEED HELP!!!!!!
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Hey.! First off I'm 18 years old...  My last period was March 22nd. ON april 16 I had pink spotting for about 2 hours. & then it quit. No pain or nothing...May 22 made 2 month's that I havent had a period. I've done 4 or 5 of the test from the dollar store. I've done 2 of the clear blue test from walmart. & I've had one blood test. ALL NEGATIVE. My breast hve been tender for about a month or a lil over..I wakeup sick... It's more like a dry heave then the actual vomit.. I've gained 8 Pounds in the past 2 months... Any one have any advise??
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What are signs of being pregnant like me my hermons can't deteact my pregnants so how would I now if I'm pregnant are not. Because I'm moody and I'm punking a lot and I had a lite period last mont so I need to know because the pee tests are not working can you please help me find out
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I have periods but in 1st day there is no bleeding just backish brown spots from 1st night I have regular bleeding till two days I asked that I m geetting pregnant?
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This pregnancy indication or sign is caused by the uterus early to enlarge and pushing in opposition to the abdomen and other organs as it rises. Growing levels of hormones may be time-consuming absorption and bowel tasks to permit the body to soak up as much vitamins, natural resources and nutrients as achievable from foods. Taking a excellence prenatal multi-vitamin-mineral complement is significant to assist your body obtain the nutrients it wants for your growing child.

The leisurely emptying of the stomach may also become the reason to discharge of increased stomach sour to aid absorption, leading to a feeling of indigestion or stomach aching. Cold drink crackers and dazzling water can help in this situation. Smaller more common foods are easier to absorb. Drink bounty of water and eat fruits, vegetables and perhaps some raisin and breakfast cereal to aid reliability. Some every day vitamin formulas also grip digestive enzyme. These can assist with absorption.

It will also be batter that you ask your doctor earlier than taking any type of antacids as some keep aluminum and it should be kept away from. These pregnancy signs can end during your time of pregnancy.
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Ok , I had my period June , 14th , and I had sex right about the time I was supposed to be ovulating . My cycle last 27 days so I should have started July 10th but I didnt . I took 1 pregnancy test on the 7th thinking it might show up early but the result was negative so I waited till the 9th and took another one but the result was negative again . My lower abdomen feels sore and I have slight cramping but it feels different than before . My breast were sore around the outside but it only lasted a couple of days then went away ; they do not normaly get sore around the time of my period .   I just want to know if I still have a chance of being pregnant and maybe the test was wrong . Is it possible I could be pregnant ? Any advice or help would be great .
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Hi my last period was 12th nov 2010 and I was due back on friday 10th dec but I didnt come on I came on on the monday but before I came on I was having pregnancy symptoms, including discharge I felt like I was going to come on all weekend. During the weekend I had to small bits of spotting. Then monday I started bleeding but not normal period blood more of a darker colour it wasnt heavy at first and then I woke up tuesday morning I was flooded through its not wednesday and I think ive stopped or slowed down its getting more into discharge now? Ive taken 2 pregnancy tests they were negative if iw as pregnant I would only be 3 -4 weeks? Can anyone help  I havent got the guts to tell my mum I think I'm  pregnant so I need advice
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No. This can be normal. Some women lose more weight in their pregnancy than gain. You will probably start gaining again shortly. In the 1st trimester is when a pregnant woman will be very fatigued and tired....but since you are entering your 2nd trimester usually that's when you will get a new boost of energy. You should always report any new symptoms to your doctor though.
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My questions is... I have done 5 pregnancy test and all have come negative but my breast are heavy, very tender to the touch..When I wear my bra or I lay done on my stomach is still very sensitive...I have backaches...sometimes I have headaches and any type of clothes I wear make me feel uncomfortable..The last time I saw my period was last year...My period is very irregular...Can I be pregnant?
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When I was 4 weeks pregnant (counting from last period date) actually 2 days ago I want to hot tub for 10-15 min and then sauna less than 5 min.After that I felt dizzy and every thing went blank in front of my eyes  and fainted .It is 2 days after that and my face is still red and I feel hot.I only found out yesterday I was pregnant. I am really scared to death for what happened?and if that would affect the baby and if there is anyway to find out? I really appreciate any advise.Thanks a lot.
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Hi all

We are trying to get pregnant and we hope we are right now ,but I want to know some things about early symptoms ,me and my husband planed very nicely now my last period was on the 19 Des 2009 and we planed on the 1st Jan that its the best time but now I just had a bit of blood  what does this mean because it still to early my period is only due next week the 16 th Jan please help me out could I still be pregnant ?
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I had my first and only depo shot decmber 20th 2011 and was supposed to get 2nd shot march 16th 2011 but I did not and still have not gt a shot. I had spotting last night April 3 2011 and been feeling preg you think it is a possibility?/
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Hi am pregnant I have notice  my left back side is slightly bigger than my right am feeling worried
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It may not be too early. Two weeks after my conception w/ my son I was already getting motion sickness which I never get. So I had a feeling I was pregnant and I ended up getting motion sickness throughoutughou my entire pregnancy.
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Hey I usually get periods irregularlly I got my last period on dec 7 and I want to be pregnant now is the irregular period a problem for pregnancy???
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I am not sure if I am pregnant. I started my period 18/1/11 and in 13/2/11 me and my partner had dry hamping but I am a vigin. We we were having dry sex. He did cum around my vigina and he did try to stick his penis up my vigina it really hurted me so I moved it away. Could I be pregnant? And I have not come on my period. I do gets cramps around my pelvis.
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Yes, it is too early, you need to be at least 6 weeks late for your cycle to best be able to tell if you are or not. Hope this helps.

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