What Does A One Month Pregnant Belly Look Like?


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Well I am also about a month pregnant and I weigh about ninety five pounds and my stomach all ready is bulging out. So I would assume that it depends on the person and how big or small you are. There are also probably other factors to but I don't know what they are because this is my first child and I'm only eighteen
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The first twelve weeks that is the first three months are crucial for the development of the baby or foetus. A woman body undergoes many changes during this time. The mental and physical growth of the baby is observed during this time. The internal as well as external organs are developed during this period. In the womb, the baby forms a heart, head, brain, body and limbs during the second month. The baby or the embryo as it is called during the first month forms the umbilical cord. It carries waste from and nourishment to the baby.

During, the first month the embryo just shows the formation of three layers of cells. The baby does not gain much weight and size and it is just about one fourth inch long. It is less than the size of a rice grain. Thus, a woman stomach does not bulge and has a normal curve.
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I totally agree
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Just like a non-pregnant belly. Woman don't usually show until they're a few months along.
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Hunny, there is no set size for a stomach in any period of your pregnancy. Some women gain a lot or very little. If you feel your tummy is too big or too small for how far along you are, go see your OBGYN.
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They are usually not that big. About the size you have already.
I am studying this in college right now.

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