Can Pregnant Woman Eat Truffle?


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Women can eat truffles while pregnant but as this is a very rich food and has a high concentration of minerals, it should be eaten in moderation when you are pregnant.

Pregnant women should stay clear of many foods when they are expecting a child, these foods usually have a high concentration of bacteria and could cause harm to the child. These issues come from foods that are fine for consumption for a regular adult, but as the immune system of the child is still developing and they have fewer antibodies to fight them off, certain types of bacteria can be harmful to both unborn children and young babies.

The main things that you should look out for are;

  • Unpasteurized dairy products. This is due to bacteria being in unpasteurized dairy. Check cheese, milk and yogurt to make sure that they have been pasteurized.
  • Unpasteurized fruit produce. This is usually juices and smoothies. You should make sure that these have been pasteurized so that all of the natural bugs and bacteria that have been on the fruit as it has grown has been removed and killed.
  • Meat that has not been cooked through. Rare steak is a no go area when you are pregnant. All meat must be cooked all the way through until it is piping hot so that you can make sure that all bacteria that your body would normally tolerate is killed as your baby will not be able to tolerate this.
  • Blue cheese. The blue on cheese is naturally occurring mold that is technically bacteria. There is no pasteurized version of this so you cannot eat any blue cheese.
  • Shellfish. The bacteria that are stored under the shell of the fish are not easy to remove so when pregnant you should stay away from shellfish.
There are many other things that you should stay away from when you are pregnant. You should talk to your doctor or midwife about these before you eat anything you are unsure of.
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Of course she can, just don't be piggish and over do it, if you do it in moderation, if you feel you can not do this than leave them alone......the best to you
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Truffles are a lot of chocolate and doctors do not recommend caffeine when you are pregnant. It is okay to have treats but find something without chocolate. Sorry they are so yummy.

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