If Youo Have A Constant Fluttering In Your Stomach Could You Be Pregnant?


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Ben Sherwood answered
Well, a constant fluttering in your stomach, sounds more like butterflies to me. Are you nervous or on edge about anything? Are you trying to get pregnant at the moment? As it's possible that the nerves you are feeling are related to your attempts at getting pregnant.

If this were pregnancy related, you probably wouldn't feel any "fluttering" from that until the 10th week of pregnancy at the earliest (tho this time frame could be a bit shorter if you are more "in tune" with your body).

You should also consider thread worms as a possibility, also gas.

Maybe a trip to your doctor is in order? Don't let him fob you off with an excuse, tho - if this has been ongoing for a while, he should take your complaint seriously!

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