My Breasts Feel Heavy , Hard An Sore What's Going On?


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Heavy and tender breasts can be symptoms of a few things such as pregnancy and cancer. It is therefore highly recommended that any sufferer of such symptoms should seek medical advice from their doctor. The doctor will be able to examine the breasts and also talk to patient about their recent activity such as how recently they had sex and if it was unprotected.

This is the most likely cause of tender and heavy breasts, as shortly after conception the breasts can start to change. This is due to the increase in the levels of hormones which in turn increases blood flow and makes changes to the breast tissue. Milk ducts and milk-producing cells are also developed which certainly will make the breasts feel tender and more weighty.

If the person suffering from such symptoms wishes to rule out pregnancy before actually heading to the doctors then it could well be a good idea to purchase a pregnancy test. These can be bought from most local supermarkets, chemists or health shops. Remember it is important to always read the instructions thoroughly in order for the result to be completely valid. If it is positive and the person is said to be pregnant the doctor will still wish to take another test to make sure. However it is less of a shock to the person if they do a prior test so is still worth doing.

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