How Do I Become Flexible At The Age Of 10-12?


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First start off in a straddle stretch. You sit on the ground with both legs pointing outwards as if in a V and keep your toes pointed. Sometimes it helps if you put your legs against a wall scooting towards the wall, it will help stretch out the legs farther.

Take a breathe in and stretch down towards the middle. Hold this for 10 seconds.
After 10 seconds swing your arm over top of your head to the left and reach towards your toes. Hold this for another 10 seconds. This is will stretch out your back and your legs. If you are doing it correctly you will be able to feel it.

Now try and bring your nose to your knee on the same left side while reaching for your toes with your arms. It is okay if it does not touch your knee. Hold this for 10 seconds.

Now do these stretches to the right side and hold both of them for 10 seconds.

After this flex your feet up (don't point your toes anymore) and repeat these on both sides for 10 seconds each.

Step 2
The butterfly stretch.After completing the straddle stretch You're going to do the butterfly stretch. Bring both of your feet together in front of you, and push down on your knees with your elbows. Hold this for 10 seconds.

Now sit indian style and cross your right leg over your left. Reach down over your legs towards the ground. This will stretch our both of your legs and your back. Hold this for 10 seconds.

Repeat this with the left leg over the right.

Step 3 The next stretch is another leg stretch. Although it is very important to stretch out your back and arms the legs require most flexibility in most cases. Now bring your legs together and point your toes. Stretch forward reaching for your toes, after holding this for 10 seconds take a deep breath in and breathe out and reach more. This will help you reach farther. Hold for another 10 seconds. This will help stretch the legs and also the back.

Step 4 The next stretch will stretch out your back a lot. Cross your right lef over your left and use your left elbow to push off your knee. Hold for 10. Some backs make crack while stretching. Repeat with your left leg over your right and right elbow pushing off your knee.

Step 5
In this picture the left foot is on a wall, keep it on the ground, not the wall.This is the Hamstring stretch. Put your left leg straight in front of you. Put your ankle right over the knee on the left leg, with your right knee pointing outwards. Then scoot your left leg up, pointing your knees down. Hold this for 15 seconds. Repeat with the right leg down and left leg up.

Step 6 Now stand up on both your feet and pull your right leg up with your left arm behind your back, if you have bad balance sometimes it helps to go against a wall or chair. Hold this for 15 seconds, this is an important stretch. Repeat with the Left leg and right arm.

Step 7 Now that we are done stretching the legs, it is still important to stretch the arms. Extend your right arm across your body pulling it with your left arm bent at holding the left arm elbow. Hold this for ten seconds and repeat with the right arm.

Step 8 Now take your right arm and put it behind your head pulling the right elbow down with the left arm. Hold for 10 seconds, and repeat with other arm.

Step 9 Take your arms and lock your hands behind your back extending both arms, stretch them out and bend over reaching your arms towards your head, and bringing your nose to your knees. Hold this for ten seconds.

Step 10You're finally done with all the steps. Now grab some water and relex!
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This might not be a very good anwser but when I wanted to get flexible I just stretched, practised and joined gymnastics
hope this can help you

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